Order Finishing Wood, a newsstand-only publication--it's the ultimate guide to finishing.

The issue features a collection of recent articles from Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding on applying the final coat to furniture and built-ins.

It provides you with detailed coverage on finishing everything from a simple box to a dining table to a mantelpiece. Just as importantly, you'll also learn proper prep procedures -- a critical step before applying any final coat.

Along with learning how to finish pieces in the workshop, you'll also discover specific tips and techniques for working on built-in components -- bookcases, doors, and mantels -- that are usually finished in place.

Results you'll be proud of. The final finish can make or break your project. That's why it is so important to have the benefit of expert help before embarking on this challenging final step of any project.

Online Extras

Pop the Curl in Cherry:

A fail-safe finishing method, when you want some blotchiness to accentuate the grain.

Mixing and Applying Wax:

Mix in dry pigments or artist's oil colors to create colored waxes for decorating or protecting wood surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Finish

Learn how to choose the appropriate finish for all your woodworking and furniture projects.