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From decorative marquetry, to intricate stringing and banding, to highly figured veneered surfaces, there are a number of options for adding ornamentation to furniture.The basics: • Veneering to a core: All surface decoration techniques involve affixing
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  • An Introduction to VeneeringAn Introduction to Veneering

    by Thomas R. Schrunk

    Two common misconceptions about veneering are that it is difficult to do and that the end result is somehow inferior to solid wood. Woodworker Thomas Schrunk sets ...

  • Flatten Wavy VeneerQ & A: Flatten Wavy Veneer

    by Ernie Conover

  • Joining Veneer End to EndVideo: Joining Veneer End to End

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Hide an obvious end-grain seam with a swallow-tail veneer joint

  • Quick and Dependable Veneer PatchVideo: Quick and Dependable Veneer Patch

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Use a carving gouge to create small veneer patches for voids and imperfections

  • Maryland Furniture Maker Named Best New ArtistMaryland Furniture Maker Named Best New Artist

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Len Dougherty takes top prize at Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show for intricate veneer work

  • Enhance Furniture With CrossbandingEnhance Furniture With Crossbanding

    by Jeff Headley

    Veneered border enhances many kinds of furniture

  • Preparing to Veneer MDFVideo: Preparing to Veneer MDF

    with William Duckworth

    Learn why this stable material makes a great core for veneered panels

  • Veneering MDFVideo: Veneering MDF

    with William Duckworth

    Learn the basic steps to veneering surfaces and edges

  • Working with Burl VeneerWorking with Burl Veneer

    by Scott Grove

    Custom furniture maker Scott Grove explains how he flattens burl veneer sheets and patches imperfections with a veneer punch or a hand-made template. He also details ...

  • Traditional Hammer VeneeringTraditional Hammer Veneering

    by Dan Faia

    When it comes to applying veneer, many woodworkers lean toward higher-tech procedures such as veneer presses, vacuum bags, and clamps and cauls. Yet with a relatively ...

  • Stringing and Banding Made EasyStringing and Banding Made Easy

    by Dan Faia

    Dan Faia explains how simple tools and methods can help you embellish your furniture with stringing and banding. Its less difficult than it appears, and he shows ...

  • Decorative VeneeringDecorative Veneering

    by Paul Schürch

    A few basic cutting and assembly techniques help vanquish the fear of working with veneer. Learn principles to help in your next project, including appropriate ...

  • Smooth TamboursSmooth Tambours

    by Mike Weiss

    Mike Weiss explains how to rip tambour slats with minimal kerf loss and without interrupting the wood grain. He advises creating a drawing of the project first ...

  • Bandsaw Your Own VeneerBandsaw Your Own Veneer

    by Timothy Coleman

    Shop-sawn veneer offers the stability of commercial veneer and a measure of flexibility that is missing from its commercial cousin. The bandsaw is the essential ...

  • Veneering an EllipseVeneering an Ellipse

    by John M. Van Buren

    Veneering the oval in the center of the serpentine apron on Sheraton-style tables that John M. Van Buren was building created a technical challenge. He explains ...

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