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Dress up an edge, conceal end grain or plywood edges, or add detail to a base or top with any number of trim, molding, and edging techniques ranging from simple to sophisticated. The Basics: • A proliferation of profiles: From chamfers to ogees to ovolos,
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  • Two Pulls That Pack a PunchTwo Pulls That Pack a Punch

    by Ross Day

    These two pulls will add panache to doors and drawers of all sizes. They can be scaled all the way up for an entry door, graduated in size for a chest with drawers ...

  • How To Get Parallel Lines on Curved PiecesHow To Get Parallel Lines on Curved Pieces

    by W. Mickey Callahan

    Learn an easy method for drawing parallel curved lines

  • Cut Matching CurvesCut Matching Curves

    by Carol Koebbeman

    Cutting matching curves between panels and solid wood edging can be a problem. Even in the unlikely event that you are able to saw a perfect curve, the width of ...

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