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Tool Skills

  • File Joints for a Perfect FitFile Joints for a Perfect Fit

    by Chris Gochnour

    Files are great for removing wood when a joint is almost together—but not quite. A file will delicately trim a joint until it slides home with hand pressure and ...

  • 4 Planes for Joinery4 Planes for Joinery

    by Vic Tesolin

    Specialty planes make it easier to build furniture by hand. By adding a shoulder plane, a router plane, a rabbet plane, and a plow plane to his collection, Vic ...

  • Cool Solution for a Hot Hollow ChiselQ & A: Cool Solution for a Hot Hollow Chisel

    by Bob Van Dyke

  • Extend the Life of a Natural-Bristle BrushQ & A: Extend the Life of a Natural-Bristle Brush

    by Teri Masaschi

  • How to Set Up Your Tablesaw for SuccessHow to Set Up Your Tablesaw for Success

    by Asa Christiana

    If you've recently bought a new tablesaw and are expecting it to do great work right out of the box, think again. Tablesaws need a tune-up before you start using ...

  • Clear Chips as You RoutQ & A: Clear Chips as You Rout

    by Gregory Paolini

  • How to Prep Rough Lumber with Hand ToolsHow to Prep Rough Lumber with Hand Tools

    by Andrew Hunter

    Flattening and dimensioning boards by hand is the bedrock of hand-tool woodworking. Nothing can teach you more about wood than taking it from rough to ready with ...

  • Master the JointerMaster the Jointer

    by Marc Adams

    The jointer is one of the least understood tools in the workshop, and one of the most dangerous, according to teacher Marc Adams. It's also a critical machine to ...

  • Skill Building Hand-Tool ExercisesSkill Building Hand-Tool Exercises

    by Jeff Miller

    To firmly master the use of hand tools such as the handsaw, chisel, and handplane, you need to practice. Practice builds and reinforces your muscle memory, letting ...

  • Backer Board Prevents Tearout on RabbetsQ & A: Backer Board Prevents Tearout on Rabbets

    by Chris Gochnour

  • Get More from Your Miter SawGet More from Your Miter Saw

    by Marc Adams

    The relatively lightweight and portable miter saw is a valuable woodworking tool. It's great for crosscutting and mitering, and it's also the quickest way to cut ...

  • Dreaming of Going Pro?Dreaming of Going Pro?

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Ever wondered if you could make a living at woodworking? Even for the most talented furniture makers, it’s a struggle. And in the wake of the economic meltdown ...

  • How to Cut Precise Joints on the TablesawHow to Cut Precise Joints on the Tablesaw

    by Marc Adams

    The tablesaw can do more than make rectangles. If you add a dado set and a few shopmade jigs and fixtures, it can become your favorite machine for cutting flawless ...

  • How to Master the BacksawHow to Master the Backsaw

    by Chris Gochnour

    You may be replete with power tools, but that doesn't mean you don't need a backsaw. A backsaw can cut joinery just as quickly as a tablesaw or router when you ...

  • Smooth Curves with Hand ToolsSmooth Curves with Hand Tools

    by Jeff Miller

    Every furniture style has its own visual language, and that language often involves curves. Whether you bandsaw curves or rout them, they all require smoothing ...

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