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Steam Bending

Bending wood doesn’t require superhuman strength. There are a few common recipes and procedures that can be employed to create curved parts from straight boards. The Basics: • Steam it: Heat and humidity will make a board ripe for bending. • Laminate
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  • Built Like a BoatBuilt Like a Boat

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Matthias Pliessnig employs boatbuilding techniques to craft his curved seating. After some work in a 3-D modeling program, a latticework of ribs and stringers takes ...

  • How to Get Two Curves from One StickHow to Get Two Curves from One Stick

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how Greg Klassen crafts the split and bent-laminated back on his side chair....

  • 7 Secrets of Steam-Bending7 Secrets of Steam-Bending

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Learn to produce astonishing curves in your furniture using steam-bending. Michael Fortune demonstrates how to bend wood without breaking it, using a steambox and ...

  • Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Furniture PartsVideo: Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Furniture Parts

    with Michael C. Fortune

    Learn how to bend thicker pieces of wood and get multiple parts to uniform shape. Part three of a three-part video series.

  • Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Free Form BendingVideo: Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Free Form Bending

    with Michael C. Fortune

    Watch Fortune demonstrate this unique technique on a pair of salad tongs. Part two of a three-part video series.

  • Video Demo: Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: IntroductionVideo: Video Demo: Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Introduction

    with Michael C. Fortune

    Learn an easy technique for bending thin strips of wood to virtually any shape. Part one of a three-part video series.

  • How to Build a SteamboxQ & A: How to Build a Steambox

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • Free-Form Steam-BendingFree-Form Steam-Bending

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Michael Fortune's steam-bending technique does away with the traditional compression-strap method. He uses a compression strap, but only to pre-bend the wood. After ...

  • Extreme Wood BendingExtreme Wood Bending

    by Matt Berger

    A man and his machine make spaghetti out of hardwood lumber with a patented compression process

  • Free-Form Steam-Bending TechniqueVideo: Free-Form Steam-Bending Technique

    with Michael C. Fortune

    Bend a workpiece in two directions in this technique for creating curved and twisted furniture parts

  • All About Bending WoodAll About Bending Wood

    by Matt Berger

  • Take the Mystery Out of Steam-BendingTake the Mystery Out of Steam-Bending

    by Lon Schleining

    Lon Schleining demonstrates the basics of this technique by showing how to bend a back slat for a chair. He explains what the best wood is for steam-bending, and ...

  • Steam BendingSteam Bending

    by William A. Keyser, Jr.

    William Keyser, Jr., says the distinct advantage of steam bending is that the grain of the wood follows the curve, thus eliminating the short-grain problems associated ...

  • How to Bend Wood for Shaker BoxesEditors PickVideo: How to Bend Wood for Shaker Boxes

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to use boiling water and simple bending forms to create traditional Shaker oval boxes

  • Incredible Bendable WoodEditors PickVideo: Incredible Bendable Wood

    with Michael C. Fortune

    A woodworking master demonstrates the flexibility of wood with some jaw-dropping steam bends

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