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Staining and Coloring

Woodworkers are sometimes baffled and intimidated by the many choices available to them when they want to add color to their projects. Some techniques are easy to accomplish, others can be more complicated, but just like applying clear finishes, none
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  • Texture Wood to Highlight the GrainTexture Wood to Highlight the Grain

    by Geoff Guzynski

    Learn a fast and simple way to replicate the ancient Japanese Jin di sugi finish using an angle grinder fitted with a wire brush, some stain, and this technique. ...

  • Accentuate Carving with ColorAccentuate Carving with Color

    by Michael Cullen

    Carver Michael Cullen uses milk paint to give the textured surfaces of his furniture new dimensions and patterns. Learn how he uses the paint, burnishing, and topcoats ...

  • Colorize Your TurningsColorize Your Turnings

    by Jimmy Clewes

    Make a creative process even more creative by adding bright colors to your turned platters and bowls. Jimmy Clewes shows how a creative dye job can transform an ...

  • Not Just White Oak Can Be FumedQ & A: Not Just White Oak Can Be Fumed

    by David H. Jones

  • The Hows and Whys of DyesThe Hows and Whys of Dyes

    by Peter Gedrys

    Professional finishers like Peter Gedrys use dyes all the time, but lots of woodworkers avoid them. This is largely because many have had a bad experience with ...

  • Original Arts and Crafts Finish Without FumingOriginal Arts and Crafts Finish Without Fuming

    by Nancy R. Hiller

    Learn how to apply an authentic-looking Arts and Crafts finish that simulates age and doesn't require harsh ammonia fumes.

  • Recipe for a Homemade StainQ & A: Recipe for a Homemade Stain

    by Peter Gedrys

  • How to Match an Antique FinishQ & A: How to Match an Antique Finish

    by Jeff Jewitt

  • Anyone for Tea?Anyone for Tea?

    by Sean Clarke

    Sean Clarke shows how ordinary tea can be used as an effective stain on woods such as pine, maple, and oak. This natural product imparts a warm, aged color without ...

  • High-Gloss Finish Made SimpleHigh-Gloss Finish Made Simple

    by Sean Clarke

    Learn the secrets to applying a high-gloss finish that brings out the color, depth, and figure in wood. Brushing or spraying alone won't do it. The secret is applying ...

  • Finish Recipe: Arts and Crafts Look Without Harsh ChemicalsFinish Recipe: Arts and Crafts Look Without Harsh Chemicals

    by Gregory Paolini

    Gregory Paolini mimics the look of a traditional Stickley finish on his bow-arm Morris chair without fuming the piece using industrial ammonia

  • Gilding is Easier than You ThinkGilding is Easier than You Think

    by Peter Gedrys

    Finishing expert Peter Gedrys gives a step-by-step tutorial on gilding, the art of adorning a surface with ultra-thin layers of gold leaf. This material was used ...

  • Re-creating a Shaker FinishRe-creating a Shaker Finish

    by Linda Coit

    Linda Coit specializes in antique restoration and repair, but she rarely gets the chance to duplicate an entire piece. So when Chris Becksvoort enlisted her shop's ...

  • How to Ebonize OakQ & A: How to Ebonize Oak

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

  • Man or Machine?Man or Machine?

    by Anissa Kapsales

    The unique work of Duncan Gowdy shows landscapes in wood that are so complex and consistent that it would be easy to assume they were carved with a CNC router or ...

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