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Staining and Coloring

Woodworkers are sometimes baffled and intimidated by the many choices available to them when they want to add color to their projects. Some techniques are easy to accomplish, others can be more complicated, but just like applying clear finishes, none
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  • Altering the colors of dyes and stainsAltering the colors of dyes and stains

    by Peter Gedrys

    All colors are not created equal. Anyone who has ever bought a stain or dye and then been surprised by the results knows that. But with a little knowledge of color ...

  • An Extraordinary Patina FinishAn Extraordinary Patina Finish

    by David Marks

    Sometimes a woodworking project calls for an out-of-the ordinary finish. David Marks, host of the TV show Wood Works, shares his method for creating a unique patina ...

  • How to Conceal SapwoodHow to Conceal Sapwood

    by Teri Masaschi

    Must furniture makers and woodworkers resign themselves to ignoring the increasing amounts of sapwood in cherry and walnut boards? Should they cut it out or use ...

  • Gel Stain User's Guide(1)Gel Stain User's Guide(1)

    by Teri Masaschi

    Gel stains are often spurned by serious finishers but not always for good reason, according to Teri Masachi, a professional finisher. In this article, she reveals ...

  • Safe and Simple Arts and Crafts FinishSafe and Simple Arts and Crafts Finish

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Gustav Stickley worked tirelessly to perfect a finishing process for quartersawn white oak using ammonia fuming. His noted process isn’t hard, but it does have ...

  • What Woodworkers Need to Know about LightWhat Woodworkers Need to Know about Light

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Professional finisher Jeff Jewitt talks about the advantages and dangers of exposing wood to light. Jewitt talks about ways to reduce exposure and choose durable ...

  • Fuming with AmmoniaFuming with Ammonia

    by Kevin Rodel

    When many people think of Stickley, Limbert, or Roycroft furniture, fumed white oak is what they see in their mind’s eye. Kevin Rodel explains the history and methods ...

  • Using Wood BleachUsing Wood Bleach

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Jeff Jewitt explains how to use three types of bleach for specific uses; no one bleach does it all. Bleach helps match old wood to new, repair stains, remove dye, ...

  • Glazes and Toners Add Color and DepthGlazes and Toners Add Color and Depth

    by David E. Colglazier

    By adding colored finish layers at the right time, you can alter or compensate for an existing color as you go, getting exactly the right result. Two finishing ...

  • For Vibrant Color, Use Wood DyesFor Vibrant Color, Use Wood Dyes

    by Chris A. Minick

    Finishing chemist Chris A. Minick calls aniline dyes a good product with a bad name. Dyes are useful for special finishing effects, like layering and toning and ...

  • Changing the Color of WoodChanging the Color of Wood

    by Chris A. Minick

    The appearance of plain woods can be enhanced by staining. Few can afford to build every project from first-rate cabinet hardwoods. Most woodworkers, Chris A. Minick ...

  • Bleaching WoodBleaching Wood

    by Michael Dresdner

    Michael Dresdner talks about various ways to bleach wood, and why you’d want to in the first place. He explains the chemical reactions behind how bleach works and ...

  • Gel StainsGel Stains

    by Jim Boesel

    Fine Woodworking’s Jim Boesel tried out some gel stains and was surprised to discover they delivered on their marketing promises. He found them easy to apply, with ...

  • Creating a Limed FinishCreating a Limed Finish

    by Michael Dresdner

    With its soft, ghostly white appearance, a limed finish imparts instant history to any new piece of furniture. Michael Dresdner says this look is easy to create, ...

  • Aniline DyesAniline Dyes

    by Michael Dresdner

    Michael Dresdner explains how aniline dyes work and how to apply them effectively. He offers tips such as how to predict how the color will turn out – blue stain ...

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