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Solid Wood Lumber

Most woodworking projects are built with solid wood lumber. Therefore, woodworkers should become intimately familiar with this ubiquitous material.The Basics: • Hardwood vs. softwood: Most furniture-grade lumber, known as "cabinetwood," fits into the
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  • Choosing and Preparing VeneersChoosing and Preparing Veneers

    by Craig Thibodeau

    With vacuum bags, it's easier than ever to incorporate veneer into your doors, panels, cabinet tops, and other furniture components. But before you start working ...

  • 5 Woods for Outdoor Furniture5 Woods for Outdoor Furniture

    by Hank Gilpin

    What makes a wood right for building outdoor furniture? Its ability to resist decay. No wood will survive forever outdoors, but if you use the right wood, stick ...

  • For a Benchtop, Use Light-Colored,Closed-Grained WoodQ & A: For a Benchtop, Use Light-Colored,Closed-Grained Wood

    by Matt Kenney

  • WalnutWalnut

    by Jon Arno

    In lists of the various properties of cabinetwoods, American black walnut stands near the middle in every category. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of woods ...

  • How Veneer is MadeHow Veneer is Made

    by Ben Barrett

    That beautiful veneer you used for your last project didn't just fall off a truck. Somebody had to discover the one log among hundreds that contained that stunning ...

  • Store Veneer FlatQ & A: Store Veneer Flat

    by Ben Barrett

  • 10 Tips for Mail-Order Lumber10 Tips for Mail-Order Lumber

    by Patrick McCombe

    Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on a bunch of beautiful-looking boards from an online supplier, there are a few things you should know. The Internet ...

  • Low-Cost LumberLow-Cost Lumber

    by Matt Kenney

    Learn how to build beautiful furniture from inexpensive lumber.

  • Red Oak is Never GrayQ & A: Red Oak is Never Gray

    by David H. Jones

  • Making Sense of MahoganyMaking Sense of Mahogany

    by Matt Kenney

    Mahogany is one of the finest furniture woods, but before you go out and buy it, there's a lot you need to know. Learn the difference between Cuban mahogany, the ...

  • List of Suppliers for Boulles (Flitches)List of Suppliers for Boulles (Flitches)

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    The easiest way to get matched boards is by buying boules or flitches of lumber.

  • Buying Roughsawn LumberQ & A: Buying Roughsawn Lumber

    by Kelly J. Dunton

  • Spalt Your Own LumberSpalt Your Own Lumber

    by Sara Robinson

    Learn how wood and fungi interact to create your own beautiful boards

  • Spalted WoodSpalted Wood

    by Sara Robinson

    Find out how wood and fungi interact to create beautiful boards

  • Working with Spalted WoodWorking with Spalted Wood

    by Sara Robinson

    Learn how to use this unique material to its best advantage

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