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Solid Wood Lumber

Most woodworking projects are built with solid wood lumber. Therefore, woodworkers should become intimately familiar with this ubiquitous material.The Basics: • Hardwood vs. softwood: Most furniture-grade lumber, known as "cabinetwood," fits into the
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  • Five Overlooked HardwoodsFive Overlooked Hardwoods

    by Garrett Hack

    In their desire to stick with familiar woods such as cherry, walnut, oak, and maple, many woodworkers miss out on exploring a gold mine of unusual trees. Furniture ...

  • The Best Woods for CarvingVideo: The Best Woods for Carving

    with David Sabol

    Basswood isn't the only species that performs well under the carving knife

  • All About Solid Wood LumberAll About Solid Wood Lumber

    by Matt Berger

  • Cutting on a Chevalet de MarqueterieVideo: Cutting on a Chevalet de Marqueterie

    with W. Patrick Edwards

    A French innovation for cutting marquetry pieces by hand

  • Preparing to Veneer MDFVideo: Preparing to Veneer MDF

    with William Duckworth

    Learn why this stable material makes a great core for veneered panels

  • Veneering MDFVideo: Veneering MDF

    with William Duckworth

    Learn the basic steps to veneering surfaces and edges

  • The Virtues of Black WalnutThe Virtues of Black Walnut

    by Boyd A. Hutchison

    Modern, with a traditional background, black walnut (Juglans nigra) has been a favorite of American woodworkers since before the country was born. It's been a favorite ...

  • Working with Burl VeneerWorking with Burl Veneer

    by Scott Grove

    Custom furniture maker Scott Grove explains how he flattens burl veneer sheets and patches imperfections with a veneer punch or a hand-made template. He also details ...

  • Finishing WalnutFinishing Walnut

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Black walnut has a lot going for it: It cuts and sands well, accepts stains without blotching, and often has attractive figure. But it can be frustrating to finish, ...

  • Ancient lumber from New Zealand and South CarolinaAncient lumber from New Zealand and South Carolina

    by Matthew Gardner

    Lumber salvaged from sand pits and peat bogs is more than 40,000 years old

  • Traditional Hammer VeneeringTraditional Hammer Veneering

    by Dan Faia

    When it comes to applying veneer, many woodworkers lean toward higher-tech procedures such as veneer presses, vacuum bags, and clamps and cauls. Yet with a relatively ...

  • The Mysteries and Magic of CherryThe Mysteries and Magic of Cherry

    by Jon Arno

    How can a beginning woodworker go wrong choosing to work with cherry? Learning the whims and ways of this wood is one of woodworkings great challenges, and it bestows ...

  • Finishing MahoganyFinishing Mahogany

    by Jeff Jewitt

    If you want your finish to enrich the colors of that bland mahogany, try this recipe. To understand how to finish mahogany, one must know its history. In this article, ...

  • Three Finishes for Bird's-Eye MapleThree Finishes for Bird's-Eye Maple

    by Teri Masaschi

    There are few woods that yield as contrasting appearances as bird’s-eye maple. Teri Masaschi, a professional finisher, shares three ways to finish this exquisitely ...

  • IpéIpé

    by Jon Arno

    One mystery with ipé is how a single wood can vary so much in color from sample to sample. It ranges from olive-drab to lustrous chocolate brown. The answer is ...

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