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Sheet Goods

  • User's Guide to PlywoodUser's Guide to Plywood

    by Roland Johnson

    Sometimes solid wood is not the best option.  For built-in cabinets or large tabletops, for example, contributing editor Roland Johnson turns to plywood. Its sandwich ...

  • Six Ways to Edge PlywoodSix Ways to Edge Plywood

    by Mario Rodriguez

    It’s hard for Mario Rodriguez to imagine building some furniture and cabinetry without plywood. The challenge is what to do with the unsightly edge where the lamination ...

  • Versatile Plywood DrawersVersatile Plywood Drawers

    by Gary Rogowski

    This set of drawers is like a loose pair of jeans: made for comfort and use, not for show. Gary Rogowski explains how to build a set of simple plywood drawers with ...

  • Dressing Up Plywood Cabinets with Face FramesDressing Up Plywood Cabinets with Face Frames

    by Joseph Beals

    How a face frame is made is no more important than how it’s designed, writes Joseph Beals, who has had his share of building difficult and easier ones. They should ...

  • Sheet Goods for the WoodshopSheet Goods for the Woodshop

    by William Duckworth

    Hardwood plywood revolutionized the furniture and cabinet trades, writes William Duckworth of Fine Woodworking. He talked to a number of custom woodworking shop ...

  • No-Hassle Panel HandlingNo-Hassle Panel Handling

    by Skip Lauderbaugh

    Moving sheets of plywood, melamine or medium-density fiberboard is a backbreaker. Skip Lauderbaugh has no forklift, so he came up with ways to handle big sheets ...

  • A Woodworker's Guide to Medium-Density FiberboardA Woodworker's Guide to Medium-Density Fiberboard

    by Jim Hayden

    Because of its dense, uniform composition and flatness, MDF has surpassed plywood and particleboard as the sheet good of choice for fine work and more routine uses. ...

  • Cutting Sheet Goods Down to SizeCutting Sheet Goods Down to Size

    by Charley Robinson

    Charley Robinson evaluates three guide systems for cutting plywood with a circular saw: the Exac-T-Guide, Glide-Easy Saw, and Blade Runner II. They all use a carriage ...

  • Hardwood PlywoodHardwood Plywood

    by Tage Frid

    Tage Frid shares his knowledge of how to buy hardwood plywood -- the different grades and qualities, and its advantages and disadvantages compared to solid wood. ...

  • Stacked PlywoodStacked Plywood

    by Ellen Swartz

    Ellen Swartz explains why working mostly with plywood appeals to her. It isn't suitable for traditional joinery, though pinned finger joints work well, she says. ...

  • Birch PlywoodBirch Plywood

    by Paul Roman

    Professional woodworkers in the U.S. have been using birch plywood for a long time, but in 1975, it was not readily available to amateur woodworkers. In this short ...

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