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The tremendous variety of cutting tools found in a woodworking shop has helped to create a similar variety of sharpening systems. They range from the plain to the exotic, and almost always rely on some kind of abrasive material. What Counts: • Type
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  • Resharpen, Restore a Dovetail SawResharpen, Restore a Dovetail Saw

    by Chris Gochnour

    Five easy steps to a smooth, straight-cutting saw

  • Sharpening a Dovetail SawVideo: Sharpening a Dovetail Saw

    with Chris Gochnour

    Tune up a dull saw to cut fast and straight in five steps

  • Tune Up a Card ScraperVideo: Tune Up a Card Scraper

    with Brian Boggs

    A couple of jigs take the guesswork out of sharpening this small but essential tool

  • Tune Up a New PlaneVideo: Tune Up a New Plane

    with Chris Gochnour

    Whether you choose a low-angle or standard plane, an initial tune-up makes all the difference

  • All About SharpeningAll About Sharpening

    by Scott Gibson

  • Tuning a SpokeshaveQ & A: Tuning a Spokeshave

    by Chris Gochnour

  • Sharpening - A Different ApproachSharpening - A Different Approach

    by William Duckworth

    If you haven't had sharpening success or want to explore a new method, try honing your blade on granite with a water and silicon-carbide slurry. The method is economical ...

  • Sharp and SharperSharp and Sharper

    by Aimé Ontario Fraser

    This article compares the attributes of nine common honing systems to determine which method produces the sharpest results: diamond stones, Arkansas stones, wet-or-dry ...

  • Getting an EdgeGetting an Edge

    by Jefferson Kolle

    Sharpening techniques that work for one person might not work for another, so Jefferson Kolle trailed three New England woodworkers to get their secrets on honing ...

  • How to Sharpen a HandsawHow to Sharpen a Handsaw

    by Fred Wilder

    Former Seabee Fred Wilder explains how to sharpen a handsaw – what tools you need, how to straighten, joint, and set the saw, and how to file the teeth to sharp ...

  • Job-Site SharpeningJob-Site Sharpening

    by Stephen Winchester

    Stephen Winchester leaves his sharpening tools at home and uses sandpaper to sharpen dull tools when he travels to a job site. He uses a belt sander, a sheet of ...

  • Preparing a ScraperPreparing a Scraper

    by Monroe Robinson

    If you’re using a well-prepared, thin scraper, you can get a surface as fine as you’d get from 400-grit paper – smooth, satiny, lustrous. Furnituremaker and sawyer ...

  • Waterstone UpkeepWaterstone Upkeep

    by William Tandy Young

    William Tandy Young says waterstones cut more quickly and efficiently than oilstones, and the finish they leave on a tool’s edge is more consistent. He uses synthetic ...

  • Sharpening Twist DrillsSharpening Twist Drills

    by Ken Donnell

    Even the most dedicated woodworker can spend a lifetime perfecting his or her tool-sharpening skills. Shaping standard twist bits is simple and fast, says Ken Donnell, ...

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