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Shaping Wood

Shaping wood is intrinsic to woodworking. Unless you are making tree-shaped objects, a series of cuts is always required. Beyond the basic square, there are a variety of tools and techniques for shaping furniture parts.The Basics: • Hand-shaped parts:
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  • Another Use for a Panel-Raising BitQ & A: Another Use for a Panel-Raising Bit

    by Mark Schofield

  • 10 Edge Treatments for Furniture10 Edge Treatments for Furniture

    by Lonnie Bird

    Learn to shape table edges, lipped doors, and more using a router, shaper, and hand tools in this excerpt from 'The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood'

  • Shaping a Bench SeatQ & A: Shaping a Bench Seat

    by John White

  • Sculpt Flowing Joinery with an Angle GrinderSculpt Flowing Joinery with an Angle Grinder

    by Jere Williams

    Shaping a piece of furniture with an angle grinder can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Sculptor and woodworker Jere Williams does it all the time. He finds ...

  • Shaping Tapered LegsVideo: Shaping Tapered Legs

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Shape elegant tapered legs by hand

  • All About Shaping WoodAll About Shaping Wood

    by Matt Berger

  • Asymmetrical Coves on the TablesawVideo: Asymmetrical Coves on the Tablesaw

    with Stuart Sabol

    Check your setup by eye, or use a computer spreadsheet to establish blade tilt and fence angle

  • Shaping Curves with a Belt SanderVideo: Shaping Curves with a Belt Sander

    with Scott Gibson

    Stands, available as an accessory with some sanders, add versatility

  • Cut Matching CurvesCut Matching Curves

    by Carol Koebbeman

    Cutting matching curves between panels and solid wood edging can be a problem. Even in the unlikely event that you are able to saw a perfect curve, the width of ...

  • Templates Guide the WayTemplates Guide the Way

    by Doug Peterman

    Professional furniture maker Doug Peterman details his fail-proof approach to shaping wood with router templates. Get step-by-step instruction on shaping templates ...

  • Cutting Coves on the TablesawCutting Coves on the Tablesaw

    by Stuart Sabol

    This article brings professional furniture making home to woodworkers not outfitted with fancy industrial machines; the author describes how to make an infinite ...

  • Pattern Cutting on the TablesawPattern Cutting on the Tablesaw

    by Steve Latta

    There are times when a tablesaw can be used just as effectively as a router or shaper as a pattern-cutting tool, especially when the parts don’t involve curves. ...

  • Shaping Cabriole LegsShaping Cabriole Legs

    by Lonnie Bird

    Nothing symbolizes 18th-century furniture more than the cabriole leg, and it’s easy to make, says Lonnie Bird. In this article, he shows how to establish proportions, ...

  • Coopering a DoorCoopering a Door

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack explains what coopering is and how to achieve predictable results with a minimum of effort. He uses a pattern to figure the number of staves, their ...

  • Forming Curves from Layers of BlocksForming Curves from Layers of Blocks

    by Kirt Kirkpatrick

    Kirt Kirkpatrick glues together segments of wood like a mortared wall for strong, stable curves. The method is called bricklaying, and it can be a full circle, ...

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