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Shaping Wood

Shaping wood is intrinsic to woodworking. Unless you are making tree-shaped objects, a series of cuts is always required. Beyond the basic square, there are a variety of tools and techniques for shaping furniture parts.The Basics: • Hand-shaped parts:
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  • How to Make Custom MoldingsHow to Make Custom Moldings

    by Garrett Hack

    Beautiful moldings add a lot to a piece of furniture, and you don't have to be limited by the profiles of your router bits to make them. Garrett Hack advises that ...

  • How to Prep Rough Lumber with Hand ToolsHow to Prep Rough Lumber with Hand Tools

    by Andrew Hunter

    Flattening and dimensioning boards by hand is the bedrock of hand-tool woodworking. Nothing can teach you more about wood than taking it from rough to ready with ...

  • How to Cut Precise Joints on the TablesawHow to Cut Precise Joints on the Tablesaw

    by Marc Adams

    The tablesaw can do more than make rectangles. If you add a dado set and a few shopmade jigs and fixtures, it can become your favorite machine for cutting flawless ...

  • How to Surface a Large SlabHow to Surface a Large Slab

    by David Moore

    It's been around since ancient Egypt, and for most of that time, working with hide glue meant mixing it yourself and heating it all day to keep it liquified. But ...

  • The Power of the Simple Scratch StockThe Power of the Simple Scratch Stock

    by David Moore

    A simple tool made up of a wooden holder and a flat metal blade, the scratch stock has been used for centuries to create custom molding profiles and other decorative ...

  • Shape Bracket Feet in Any Style Using the BandsawShape Bracket Feet in Any Style Using the Bandsaw

    by Randall O'Donnell

    Bracket feet have held up furniture for more than 300 years. Like most enduring elements, they have weathered changes in style but never went out of fashion. Whether ...

  • The Drama UnfoldsThe Drama Unfolds

    by Anissa Kapsales

  • Shaping Wood by HandShaping Wood by Hand

    by Alfred Sharp

    Even if you have an impressive stable of power tools at your disposal, sometimes it is easier and quicker to shape wood the old-fashioned way. Used for generations ...

  • How to Straighten Warped PlywoodQ & A: How to Straighten Warped Plywood

    by Mark Edmundson

  • Success With Large SlabsSuccess With Large Slabs

    by D. Douglas Mooberry

    Chances are, you're used to shaping wood to fit the project, whether you're carving ball-and-claw feet or shaping molding on a router table. But when you work with ...

  • How to Make a Scratch StockVideo: How to Make a Scratch Stock

    with Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack shows how to transform a small piece of scrap steel into a custom cutter for creating unique beads and other profiles

  • Flawless Curves on the BandsawFlawless Curves on the Bandsaw

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Learn how to cut curves on the bandsaw so smooth and flawless that they require very little smoothing and sanding afterward. Michael Fortune gathers his top tips ...

  • Top 10 Ways for Woodworkers to Cut Costs, Not CornersTop 10 Ways for Woodworkers to Cut Costs, Not Corners

    by Gerald La Starza

    How to save money in a tough economy

  • Sweeping CurvesSweeping Curves

    by Anissa Kapsales

    The simple, elegant lines of Adrian Ferrazzutti’s modern chair belie complex construction requiring an array of planing and belt-sanding jigs

  • How They Did It: Details Make the DifferenceHow They Did It: Details Make the Difference

    by Anissa Kapsales

    Student tackles hand-fluting with a shopmade plane and two-way drawers with spring catches

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