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Sometimes a woodworking project requires branching out into other materials. Such is the case when making a chair or seat, if upholstery is added to the mix. Whether you plan to upholster on your own, or employ a professional, understanding the basics
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  • The Best Rust PreventersThe Best Rust Preventers

    by Thomas McKenna

    We put 20 commonly available rust preventers to the test to see which ones work best at protecting your expensive woodworking tools from rust. Are waxes and natural ...

  • Kaizen FoamKaizen Foam

    by Thomas McKenna

  • Gilding is Easier than You ThinkGilding is Easier than You Think

    by Peter Gedrys

    Finishing expert Peter Gedrys gives a step-by-step tutorial on gilding, the art of adorning a surface with ultra-thin layers of gold leaf. This material was used ...

  • Remarkable Plastic PanelsRemarkable Plastic Panels

    by Anissa Kapsales

    New plastic-resin panels from 3form open up all sorts of design options

  • Inlay Made Easy: Metal AccentsVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Metal Accents

    with Mark Laub

    Simple techniques with solder create the look of antique pewter

  • Weaving Shaker Tape SeatsWeaving Shaker Tape Seats

    by Glenn A. Carlson

    Inexpensive cotton tape makes a strong, comfortable seat

  • Cut Aluminum on the BandsawVideo: Cut Aluminum on the Bandsaw

    with Garry Bennett

    Make custom aluminum parts for your furniture with a standard bandsaw blade and a few tricks

  • Quick Tip: Texturing AluminumVideo: Quick Tip: Texturing Aluminum

    with Garry Bennett

    Use a rotary tool and ball grinder to create a decorate surface on aluminum furniture parts

  • Working with Japanese PaperWorking with Japanese Paper

    by Rob Brown

    Traditional Japanese paper has a long tradition of being used to give furniture texture, color, and individuality, in much the same way that a perfect piece of ...

  • Beach-Combing Yields Furniture DetailBeach-Combing Yields Furniture Detail

    by Steve Scott

    Caribbean fan-coral adds interest to projects

  • Tin is Easier to Punch on Drill PressTip: Tin is Easier to Punch on Drill Press

    by Donald Wallquist

  • Graceful Glass DoorsGraceful Glass Doors

    by Steve Latta

    It takes precise machine and hand work to create the elegant glass doors in this bookcase by woodworker Steve Latta, but the results are worth it. The joinery of ...

  • An Extraordinary Patina FinishAn Extraordinary Patina Finish

    by David Marks

    Sometimes a woodworking project calls for an out-of-the ordinary finish. David Marks, host of the TV show Wood Works, shares his method for creating a unique patina ...

  • Woodworker's Guide to SteelWoodworker's Guide to Steel

    by George Walker

    The strength of steel and its ability to retain a sharp edge are largely dependent on its microstructure. Woodworking cutting tools present a special challenge, ...

  • A Slim, Comfortable Slip SeatA Slim, Comfortable Slip Seat

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Michael Fortune set out to design a dining-room chair that was graceful and stylish yet comfortable for hours at a time. His solution was an upholstered slip-seat ...

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