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Making Shop Tools and Accessories

Aside from jigs and fixtures, most tools are purchased commercially, not made from scratch in the shop. But making your tools is an option that shouldn't be ruled out.The Basics: • Handmade hand tools: Mainly for the fun of it. • Making power tools:
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  • Chisel Handles to OrderChisel Handles to Order

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez has an enormous variety of chisels -- all with matching handles. He makes his own handles from cutoff pieces from his scrap bin. That way, he can ...

  • How to Make a Molding PlaneHow to Make a Molding Plane

    by Norman L. Vandal

    Norman Vandal can’t get along without his set of old molding planes. But when he needed a plane he didn’t have, he made one. Here, he explains how in a way that ...

  • Basic BlacksmithingBasic Blacksmithing

    by Ray Larsen

    Frustrations sometimes spark woodworkers' interest in hand-forged tools, at least those special tools unavailable from even the best supply houses, writes Ray Larsen. It ...

  • Solar KilnSolar Kiln

    by Paul J. Bois

    Curtis L. Johnson of Madison, Wisconsin, has designed and built a sun-powered kiln for drying small quantities of furniture-grade lumber. Johnson's kiln is slower ...

  • The Best Ways to Hold Down Your WorkVideo: The Best Ways to Hold Down Your Work

    with Garrett Hack

    Learn a variety of ways to secure a workpiece for handplaning

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