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The foundation of any piece of furniture is the base on which it rests. In addition to providing structural support, the base will set the tone for the design. Whether you’re constructing feet or legs, there are a number of options to consider: The Basics: •
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  • Where Furniture Meets the FloorWhere Furniture Meets the Floor

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Careful base selection is critical to a successful piece. In this article, Mario Rodriguez builds a simple chest and alternatingly adorns it with bun feet, saber ...

  • Three Reliable Ways to Taper a LegThree Reliable Ways to Taper a Leg

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski explains how tapers are best roughed out tapers by machine, and then cleaned up on a jointer, with a router, or with a handplane. He details each ...

  • Stickley-Style LegsStickley-Style Legs

    by Patrick Nelson

    Patrick Nelson explains the unique way Stickley furniture legs are designed to show figure on all four sides. His method is slightly updated, because the shaper ...

  • Shaping a Cabriole LegShaping a Cabriole Leg

    by Eugene E. Landon

    Making matching cabriole legs seems to require genius, but Eugene E. Landon thinks they’re a breeze to make. Shaping the plain legs for a Queen Anne or Chippendale ...

  • Cabriole KneesCabriole Knees

    by Mack S. Headley, Jr.

    Colonial Williamsburg cabinetmaker Mack Headley explains how to make a leaf pattern on a cabriole leg adapted from one found on a chair from the 1740s. It’s a strong, ...

  • Leg-and-Apron TableLeg-and-Apron Table

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Chris Becksvoort designed a straightforward dining table that you can build in a couple days with minimal tools. He says there’s any number of ways you can build ...

  • Tapered Legs on a JointerTapered Legs on a Jointer

    by Eric Schramm

    Eric Schramm explains in this concise article how to cut elegantly tapered legs on a jointer. He fits the jointer with stop blocks that are set to the length of ...

  • Cabriole LegsCabriole Legs

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Philip C. Lowe reviews the history of the cabriole leg and its foot styles and explains how to make a Queen Anne style leg, which terminates in a spoon foot, also ...

  • From Lumber to LeavesFrom Lumber to Leaves

    by Jonathan Binzen

    To build the slender base for his tilt-top table, Greg Brown started with 8/4 boards and did the shaping and carving in stages. He cut the joinery while the parts ...

  • Redesigning the Classic Cabriole LegVideo: Redesigning the Classic Cabriole Leg

    with Michael Pekovich

    A simple design yields solid lessons on wood grain, color matching, and a whole lot more

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