Installing Hardware

Installing hardware on handmade furniture is like putting icing on a cake. It takes care and a steady hand to achieve good results, and the slightest slip-up shows. Here are a few things to consider: The Basics: • Be true to a style: Make sure the hardware
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  • How to Hang a Cabinet on the WallHow to Hang a Cabinet on the Wall

    by Anissa Kapsales

    A closer look at the cleats and hangers you can use to hold cabinets and shelves on the wall.

  • Installing Euro-Style Cup HingesVideo: Installing Euro-Style Cup Hinges

    with Marc Spagnuolo

    Simple layout and a dedicated jig make it easy to hang a cabinet door and fine-tune the fit

  • How to Make a Simple Jig for Offset Knife HingesVideo: How to Make a Simple Jig for Offset Knife Hinges

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn a hassle-free technique for perfect offset knife hinge mortises, every time

  • Make Your Own Snipe HingesEditors PickVideo: Make Your Own Snipe Hinges

    with Andrew Hunter

    Learn how to forge your own period-appropriate snipe hinges without any specialty tools

  • Mounting Knife Hinges in Curved DoorsVideo: Mounting Knife Hinges in Curved Doors

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to mortise and mount tricky knife hinges into a curved cabinet

  • Two Techniques for Bed-Bolt AlignmentTwo Techniques for Bed-Bolt Alignment

    by Matt Kenney

    Learn how two simple jigs can make installing bed bolts a breeze

  • Uncompromising AdirondackUncompromising Adirondack

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Take a detailed look at the anatomy of Robert Erickson's comfortable, weatherproof Adirondack chair....

  • 2 Classic Pulls2 Classic Pulls

    by Michael Pekovich

    Whether you are seeking a set of elegant turned pulls to complete a Shaker chest of drawers or you need square, faceted pulls to embellish and Arts and Crafts piece, ...

  • Case ClosedCase Closed

    by Steve Latta

    Is a shopmade catch the only tasteful way to keep the doors closed on your cabinets? A quick trip through popular hardware catalogs seems to lend credence to that ...

  • Get a Handle on Your PullsGet a Handle on Your Pulls

    by Matt Kenney

    Drawer pulls are highly visible and can have a dramatic effect on the beauty of a piece of furniture.  There’s plenty to say about which pulls go with which pieces, ...

  • Best Hinge for Built-InsBest Hinge for Built-Ins

    by Tony O'Malley

    Easy-to-install European cup hinges take all the guesswork and most of the frustration out of hanging and fitting doors on cabinetry. And although they may not ...

  • Quadrant Hinges and a Lock Elevate Any BoxQuadrant Hinges and a Lock Elevate Any Box

    by Adrian Ferrazzutti

    Install quadrant hinges for the final, elegant touch on Adrian Ferrazzutti's veneered box. With their built-in stop, quadrant hinges make any box look and function ...

  • No-Math Layout for Drawer PullsTip: No-Math Layout for Drawer Pulls

    by Scott Collins

  • How to Install Butt HingesVideo: How to Install Butt Hinges

    with Andy Rae

    An easy method for installing these durable hinges using a combination of hand- and power-tool skills

  • Hang It UpHang It Up

    by Anissa Kapsales

    Planning ahead pays big dividends when it comes to hanging a wall cabinet or shelf. It's best to consider how you plan to hang your work even before you start construction. ...

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