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Installing Hardware

Installing hardware on handmade furniture is like putting icing on a cake. It takes care and a steady hand to achieve good results, and the slightest slip-up shows. Here are a few things to consider: The Basics: • Be true to a style: Make sure the hardware
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  • Installing a Half-Mortise LockInstalling a Half-Mortise Lock

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Philip C. Lowe always asks his clients if they want locks and escutcheons on the furniture he’s making for them. Simple hardware can add a lot to the total cost, ...

  • Keeping Doors ClosedKeeping Doors Closed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort talks about appropriate catches for various types of cabinet doors and advises that you pick one that’s in keeping with the period, style, ...

  • Decorative Hardware SourcesDecorative Hardware Sources

    by Vincent Laurence

    Chippendale hardware isn’t going to do much for an Arts and Crafts piece, writes Vincent Laurence of Fine Woodworking. But finding the right visible hardware can ...

  • Installing Knife HingesInstalling Knife Hinges

    by Gary Rogowski

    Knife hinges have a simple, subtle beauty, writes Gary Rogowski. Don’t buy inexpensive hinges; he includes a list of things to avoid, such as stamped steel and ...

  • Routing Hardware MortisesRouting Hardware Mortises

    by Jeff Greef

    Jeff Greef describes a way to mortise just about any kind of door or cabinet hardware using a few template fixtures and router. He does chisel the corners square, ...

  • Hanging a Cabinet DoorHanging a Cabinet Door

    by Roger Holmes

    You can hang a door with anything from interlocking clenched nails to plastic inserts, but Roger Holmes prefers solid, extruded brass butt hinges for their nice ...

  • Three Tips for Mounting HardwareThree Tips for Mounting Hardware

    by Larry Brusso

    Sam Bush, Larry Brusso, and Simon Watts share tips on installing hinges. Bush explains how to install them on jewelry boxes; one of his tips is to mark screw holes ...

  • Entry DoorsEntry Doors

    by Ben Davies

    Exterior doors are required to perform three functions: seal off an opening from the exterior air, open to allow passage and then reseal, and be attractive. In ...

  • How to Make a Simple Jig for Offset Knife HingesVideo: How to Make a Simple Jig for Offset Knife Hinges

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn a hassle-free technique for perfect offset knife hinge mortises, every time

  • Make Your Own Snipe HingesEditors PickVideo: Make Your Own Snipe Hinges

    with Andrew Hunter

    Learn how to forge your own period-appropriate snipe hinges without any specialty tools

  • Mounting Knife Hinges in Curved DoorsVideo: Mounting Knife Hinges in Curved Doors

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to mortise and mount tricky knife hinges into a curved cabinet

  • Router Jigs Make Mortised Locks EasyEditors PickVideo: Router Jigs Make Mortised Locks Easy

    with Michael Pekovich

    A router and three jigs are all that's required to fit lock-sets precisely

  • Two Techniques for Bed-Bolt AlignmentTwo Techniques for Bed-Bolt Alignment

    by Matt Kenney

    Learn how two simple jigs can make installing bed bolts a breeze

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