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Furniture Design

If you aren't following a set of commercial plans to build a piece of furniture, then most likely you will encounter the design process. Don't be afraid -- following a few basic principles and trusting your intuition will take you far.The Basics: • Devise
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  • Building FurnitureBuilding Furniture

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    The world's best teachers show you better techniques and beautiful projects in this special online collection

  • Dreaming of Going Pro?Dreaming of Going Pro?

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Ever wondered if you could make a living at woodworking? Even for the most talented furniture makers, it’s a struggle. And in the wake of the economic meltdown ...

  • Wishbone DeskWishbone Desk

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Aled Lewis's "Wish Desk" uses a joinery system that combines splines, slip tenons, and a segmented sliding dovetail. The wishbone-shaped legs become part of the ...

  • The Classic Shaker StyleThe Classic Shaker Style

    by Christian Becksvoort

    What makes a piece of furniture quintessentially Shaker? What defines the style that so many furniture makers see as the epitome of clean lines and excellent craftsmanship? ...

  • 4 Way to Top a Box4 Way to Top a Box

    by Matt Kenney

    Boxes are fun to make and don't cost you much in materials or time. In fact, there's nothing about making a box that is tedious, except perhaps installing the hinges. ...

  • The Best Woodworker You've Never Heard ofThe Best Woodworker You've Never Heard of

    by Jonathan Binzen

    In the course of his 50-year career, Jere Osgood has quietly pushed the boundaries of innovation in terms of furniture making style and structure. His work is featured ...

  • Whimsical table, serious structureWhimsical table, serious structure

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Jere Osgood describes his Wave table, with its curves and contours imitating ocean waves and its legs inspired by reeds, as “metaphorical furniture.” But there’s ...

  • Asymmetry: The Designer's SecretAsymmetry: The Designer's Secret

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Perfect symmetry is easy to find—in faces, in furniture, in architecture, even in nature. It appeals to us, and gives us a sense of balance and harmony. That's ...

  • How to Sculpt a Contemporary PieceHow to Sculpt a Contemporary Piece

    by Danny Kamerath

    Learn how to shape curved chair parts that are attractive and comfortable. Danny Kamerath breaks his technique down to three steps: rough out the shape at the bandsaw, ...

  • Put Your Designs in PerspectivePut Your Designs in Perspective

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Perspective charts are not expensive but they will change your lifeÑat least they will if you are in the habit of drawing furniture designs to visualize how a completed ...

  • Set Stringing Deep to Increase Glue SurfaceQ & A: Set Stringing Deep to Increase Glue Surface

    by Dan Faia

  • Elements of FederalElements of Federal

    by Steve Latta

    The Federal period was an exciting time for the young United States and a prolific one for furniture makers. Stringing, banding, exotic veneers, and inlay are some ...

  • Heart of the BackHeart of the Back

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The nine separate parts that make up the back have to be linked seamlessly and flow together fluidly. See how he did it.

  • End Grain on DisplayEnd Grain on Display

    by Asa Christiana

  • Playful Furniture That Breaks the RulesPlayful Furniture That Breaks the Rules

    by Judson Beaumont

    If you want to make an "exploding" dresser or a chest of drawers that stands with a "hands-on-hips" attitude, you're going to have to take a page from Judson Beaumont's ...

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