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Furniture Design

If you aren't following a set of commercial plans to build a piece of furniture, then most likely you will encounter the design process. Don't be afraid -- following a few basic principles and trusting your intuition will take you far.The Basics: • Devise
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  • A Game Plan for Big Cabinet JobsA Game Plan for Big Cabinet Jobs

    by John W. West

    John W. West explains starts big jobs (like putting in a library) by making painstaking measurements on story poles, choosing materials, and tuning up his equipment. ...

  • Designing the Wedged Mortise and TenonDesigning the Wedged Mortise and Tenon

    by Carl Swensson

    When a table wobbles or a chair squeaks, it’s usually just bad joinery design, says Carl Swensson. Good design buys time against use and abuse that all furniture ...

  • Making Big Cabinets ManageableMaking Big Cabinets Manageable

    by Niall Barrett

    Niall Barrett came up with a way to build cabinets out of smaller parts, yet not have the end result look like a jigsaw puzzle. Small components are light and easy ...

  • Joinery for Light, Sturdy Coffee TableJoinery for Light, Sturdy Coffee Table

    by Lindsay Suter

    Lindsay Suter’s coffee table has exposed joinery: through-tenons, wedged with butterfly keys, join the legs to the top. Narrow stretchers replace more traditional ...

  • Models Help Projects SucceedModels Help Projects Succeed

    by Jan Zaitlin

    Whether prototypes are cardboard or foam, full size or one-eighth scale, they help solve a long list of furnituremaking problems, writes Jan Zaitlin. Clients love ...

  • Creating Working DrawingsCreating Working Drawings

    by Jim Tolpin

    The time spent getting a drawing right will pay for itself many times over, writes Jim Tolpin. He breaks the process down into stages: freehand concept sketching, ...

  • How to Make DrawersHow to Make Drawers

    by Tage Frid

    Tage Frid’s drawing table offers an exercise in building drawers. First, he suggests deciding what will be put in the drawers; that helps determine the carcase, ...

  • On Precision in JoineryOn Precision in Joinery

    by Allan J. Boardman

    Allan J. Boardman, an aerospace systems engineer and amateur woodworker, evaluates the dimensional tolerances inherent in fine cabinetry joints. He talks about ...

  • Drawer BottomsDrawer Bottoms

    by Alan Marks

    Alan Marks says drawers have long been considered one of the most difficult elements in cabinetry, probably with justification. The many types of construction possible ...

  • DowelingDoweling

    by James Krenov

    In this excerpt from The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking, James Krenov says that when done right and used in a sensible relationship to the piece, to its character, and ...

  • Two SticksTwo Sticks

    by Hank Gilpin

    Prior to the introduction of S-curves in the late 17th century and the multiple-angle joinery of the Chippendale period, most furniture was joined very simply and ...

  • Exotic WoodsExotic Woods

    by Bob Stocksdale

    The author of this article keeps 20 tons of wood on hand from which to select for his projects. That is no typo. Bob Stocksdale, veteran woodturner and expert at ...

  • Mortise and TenonMortise and Tenon

    by Tage Frid

    There are a great many variations of the mortise-and-tenon joint, writes Tage Frid, and the task of the cabinetmaker is to know which variation to use for a particular ...

  • Textbook MistakesTextbook Mistakes

    by Tage Frid

    Tage Frid reviews several textbooks about wood and woodworking for beginners and finds that mistakes are very common. He seeks to correct a few here, first by discussing ...

  • Carving Design DecisionsCarving Design Decisions

    by Robert L. Buyer

    From a practical standpoint, writes Robert L. Buyer, effort spent in the design phase is made up during the execution phase by eliminating mistakes and rework. ...

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