Furniture Construction

  • Level Big Slabs in No Time FlatLevel Big Slabs in No Time Flat

    by Nick Offerman

    This shopmade router jig, designed by NBC sitcom star Nick Offerman, levels thick slabs to create Nakashima-style tabletops and other unique pieces. The heart of ...

  • Lively Bases for Live-Edged TablesLively Bases for Live-Edged Tables

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Geoffrey Warner was inspired by Nakashima when he started designing live-edge tabletops, but he has moved in a different direction with his curvy bases. Employing ...

  • Make a Stronger Shiplapped BackQ & A: Make a Stronger Shiplapped Back

    by Michael Pekovich

  • Sturdy Yet Sprightly Base for a Thick TopSturdy Yet Sprightly Base for a Thick Top

    by Jonathan Binzen

  • Frame-and-Panel Doors Made EasierFrame-and-Panel Doors Made Easier

    by Christian Becksvoort

    A pro's tips for building, fitting, and hanging a traditional door

  • Cope-and-Stick TricksCope-and-Stick Tricks

    by Richard Babbitt

    Learn the secret to using rail-and-stile router bits to create raised-panel doors without accumulating a pile of sawdust and test cuts in the process. Richard Babbitt ...

  • How to Break an EdgeHow to Break an Edge

    by Garrett Hack

    How you break the edges can make or break your projects

  • Persuit of PerfectionPersuit of Perfection

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Peter Shepard has been designing and building furniture full time ever since he quit his job as a book editor to study the craft at the North Bennet Street School. ...

  • Take the Edge OffTake the Edge Off

    by Garrett Hack

    Set your furniture apart from the mainstream with one of the most fundamental tasks in woodworking: breaking edges. Basic milling and surface preparation are important, ...

  • Your First GuitarYour First Guitar

    by Steve Scott

    If you've never tried building a guitar, consider a kit. You'll get the challenge of building a beautiful instrument without needing specialized tools and equipment, ...

  • How to Build a Solid HumidorVideo: How to Build a Solid Humidor

    with Ed Pirnik

    It takes more than just a supply of Spanish cedar to construct a well-built humidor.

  • Simple Cope and Stick DoorsVideo: Simple Cope and Stick Doors

    with Michael Pekovich

    Learn how to build simple, beautiful cope and stick doors that stand up to heavy use.

  • Fast Fix: Leg Tapering JigVideo: Fast Fix: Leg Tapering Jig

    with Thomas McKenna

    Learn how to build a jig for safe and simple tapered legs

  • 6 Ways to Build a Bed6 Ways to Build a Bed

    by Matthew Teague

    Often the most important pieces of furniture in the house, beds can be a challenge to build. They are large and bulky, and the joints connecting their headboards ...

  • Draw Ogee Bracket Feet with Perfect ProportionsDraw Ogee Bracket Feet with Perfect Proportions

    by Dan Faia

    Making ogee bracket feet is a pretty straightforward process, as explained in the article in this issue (FWW 220). But it's important to get the details of the ...

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