Furniture Construction

  • Frame-and-Panel Doors Made EasierFrame-and-Panel Doors Made Easier

    by Christian Becksvoort

    A pro's tips for building, fitting, and hanging a traditional door

  • Cope-and-Stick TricksCope-and-Stick Tricks

    by Richard Babbitt

    Learn the secret to using rail-and-stile router bits to create raised-panel doors without accumulating a pile of sawdust and test cuts in the process. Richard Babbitt ...

  • How to Break an EdgeHow to Break an Edge

    by Garrett Hack

    How you break the edges can make or break your projects

  • Persuit of PerfectionPersuit of Perfection

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Peter Shepard has been designing and building furniture full time ever since he quit his job as a book editor to study the craft at the North Bennet Street School. ...

  • Take the Edge OffTake the Edge Off

    by Garrett Hack

    Set your furniture apart from the mainstream with one of the most fundamental tasks in woodworking: breaking edges. Basic milling and surface preparation are important, ...

  • Your First GuitarYour First Guitar

    by Steve Scott

    If you've never tried building a guitar, consider a kit. You'll get the challenge of building a beautiful instrument without needing specialized tools and equipment, ...

  • How to Build a Solid HumidorVideo: How to Build a Solid Humidor

    with Ed Pirnik

    It takes more than just a supply of Spanish cedar to construct a well-built humidor.

  • Simple Cope and Stick DoorsVideo: Simple Cope and Stick Doors

    with Michael Pekovich

    Learn how to build simple, beautiful cope and stick doors that stand up to heavy use.

  • Fast Fix: Leg Tapering JigVideo: Fast Fix: Leg Tapering Jig

    with Thomas McKenna

    Learn how to build a jig for safe and simple tapered legs

  • 6 Ways to Build a Bed6 Ways to Build a Bed

    by Matthew Teague

    Often the most important pieces of furniture in the house, beds can be a challenge to build. They are large and bulky, and the joints connecting their headboards ...

  • Draw Ogee Bracket Feet with Perfect ProportionsDraw Ogee Bracket Feet with Perfect Proportions

    by Dan Faia

    Making ogee bracket feet is a pretty straightforward process, as explained in the article in this issue (FWW 220). But it's important to get the details of the ...

  • Fast Fix: Custom Clamping Cauls for Pipe Clamp Glue-UpsVideo: Fast Fix: Custom Clamping Cauls for Pipe Clamp Glue-Ups

    with Thomas McKenna

    Learn how to put clamping pressure exactly where you need it with this Fast Fix

  • The Language of Furniture ConstructionThe Language of Furniture Construction

    by Steve Scott

    Do you know the difference between a runner and a kicker? A rail and a stile? Here's a short visual glossary of furniture parts that can also serve as a readers' ...

  • Bracket Feet for Case PiecesBracket Feet for Case Pieces

    by Norman L. Vandal

    As a cabinetmaker specializing in furniture reproductions, Norm Vandal has experimented with several techniques for making and attaching traditional bracket feet. ...

  • Building Garry Bennett's Trestle Table: Inlay and Wrap-UpVideo: Building Garry Bennett's Trestle Table: Inlay and Wrap-Up

    with Asa Christiana

    Learn how Garry Bennett's signature trestle table comes together in this video blog series

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