Furniture Construction

  • Whimsical table, serious structureWhimsical table, serious structure

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Jere Osgood describes his Wave table, with its curves and contours imitating ocean waves and its legs inspired by reeds, as “metaphorical furniture.” But there’s ...

  • 4 Steps to a Sweet-Fitting Drawer4 Steps to a Sweet-Fitting Drawer

    by Rob Porcaro

    This step-by-step procedure for fitting a drawer comes from Rob Porcaro's years of experience making furniture. The key is that it does not compound errors as you ...

  • Curved Door with Flat Glass PlanesCurved Door with Flat Glass Planes

    by Clark Kellogg

    A curved or bow-front feature gives a sophisticated look to a cabinet, but curved glass is expensive. A good compromise is to set straight panes of glass into curved ...

  • A Workshop with No WallsA Workshop with No Walls

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Adrian McCurdy makes furniture from riven wood. No commercial lumber, no jointer, no planer, no dust collector. And for the most critical parts of the process, ...

  • Lumber from a LogLumber from a Log

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Learn how Scottish woodworker Adrian McCurdy splits huge oak logs and shapes them into lumber to make furniture.

  • 2 Classic Pulls2 Classic Pulls

    by Michael Pekovich

    Whether you are seeking a set of elegant turned pulls to complete a Shaker chest of drawers or you need square, faceted pulls to embellish and Arts and Crafts piece, ...

  • Distinctive Box DetailsDistinctive Box Details

    by Doug Stowe

    Box design is largely in the details: a finely shaped pull, some whimsical feet, and elegant set of dividers. Each box is an opportunity to use these details to ...

  • How to Sculpt a Contemporary PieceHow to Sculpt a Contemporary Piece

    by Danny Kamerath

    Learn how to shape curved chair parts that are attractive and comfortable. Danny Kamerath breaks his technique down to three steps: rough out the shape at the bandsaw, ...

  • Level Big Slabs in No Time FlatLevel Big Slabs in No Time Flat

    by Nick Offerman

    This shopmade router jig, designed by NBC sitcom star Nick Offerman, levels thick slabs to create Nakashima-style tabletops and other unique pieces. The heart of ...

  • Lively Bases for Live-Edged TablesLively Bases for Live-Edged Tables

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Geoffrey Warner was inspired by Nakashima when he started designing live-edge tabletops, but he has moved in a different direction with his curvy bases. Employing ...

  • Make a Stronger Shiplapped BackQ & A: Make a Stronger Shiplapped Back

    by Michael Pekovich

  • Sturdy Yet Sprightly Base for a Thick TopSturdy Yet Sprightly Base for a Thick Top

    by Jonathan Binzen

  • Frame-and-Panel Doors Made EasierFrame-and-Panel Doors Made Easier

    by Christian Becksvoort

    A pro's tips for building, fitting, and hanging a traditional door

  • Cope-and-Stick TricksCope-and-Stick Tricks

    by Richard Babbitt

    Learn the secret to using rail-and-stile router bits to create raised-panel doors without accumulating a pile of sawdust and test cuts in the process. Richard Babbitt ...

  • How to Break an EdgeHow to Break an Edge

    by Garrett Hack

    How you break the edges can make or break your projects

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