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From quick and easy to hand-cut and fussy, there are a number of ways to design and construct drawers for furniture. Depending on the project and your skill level, consider these options before you get started:The Basics: • Choose a method of construction:
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  • Through Dovetails: Laying Out and Cutting the PinsVideo: Through Dovetails: Laying Out and Cutting the Pins

    with Chris Gochnour

    Complete the joint by laying out and cutting the pins. Gochnour shows how it's done in this episode of our online classroom

  • An easy way to make multiple drawersVideo: An easy way to make multiple drawers

    with Chris Gochnour

    Learn how to cut tongue-and-groove joints to assemble many drawers quickly, in part five of this video workshop

  • Center Guides for DrawersCenter Guides for Drawers

    by Mark Edmundson

    Center guides are a simple and effective way to make drawers run straight and true without binding. They are especially useful in cases with very wide drawers, ...

  • Finishing a DrawerFinishing a Drawer

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Drawers can be problematic when it comes to finishing. Internal corners either get too little finish or too much; the drawer has to transition from the visible ...

  • IWF 2006: Accuride Drawer Slides Stop SoftlyVideo: IWF 2006: Accuride Drawer Slides Stop Softly

    with Asa Christiana

    Next-generation drawer hardware features soft-stop and easy installation

  • Side-Hung Drawer SlidesSide-Hung Drawer Slides

    by Mark Edmundson

    Mark Edmundson has constructed all sorts of drawer systems, from traditional drawer pockets with rails, kickers, and runners, to elaborate center-hung systems. ...

  • A Simple Trick for Aligning Pins and TailsVideo: A Simple Trick for Aligning Pins and Tails

    with Christian Becksvoort

    A spacer and proper layout ensure a perfect fit when constructing a dovetailed drawer

  • Drawer EssentialsDrawer Essentials

    by Andy Rae

    Sort out design, construction, and hardware details when making drawers for furniture

  • Fitting DrawersFitting Drawers

    by Philip C. Lowe

    A well-fitted drawer is one of the things that separates fine furniture from factory-made pieces, but there are times when even the most experienced woodworker ...

  • Turned Drawer PullsTurned Drawer Pulls

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Why pay for knobs and drawer pulls when you can make your own, ensuring that every element of your finished piece has been hand-crafted? Philip C. Lowe details ...

  • Quick and Sturdy Drawer ConstructionQuick and Sturdy Drawer Construction

    by Lonnie Bird

    Speedy construction methods arent always associated with elegant finished products. A method of drawer construction used by Tennessee woodworker Lonnie Bird is ...

  • Making Traditional Dovetailed DrawersMaking Traditional Dovetailed Drawers

    by Janet A. Collins

    Dovetailing a drawer is not the daunting task you might think -- all it requires is a little know-how and practice. Janet A. Collins, an instructor at the North ...

  • A Better Way to Build DrawersA Better Way to Build Drawers

    by Mark Edmundson

    The problem with drawers is excessive wear and too much friction; the NK-style drawer solves both these problems. The NK drawer design explained and demonstrated ...

  • Wood Pulls Tailored to FitWood Pulls Tailored to Fit

    by Peter Tischler

    Pulls offer an opportunity to merge design and function. This article discusses how to select wood for the pulls, using modeling clay to test out your design, how ...

  • A Guide to Drawer SlidesA Guide to Drawer Slides

    by John Marckworth

    There are many reasons to use drawer slides: they cut down on the time it takes to build furniture, they can support greater loads, drawers can be opened without ...

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