There are a number of design and construction options to consider when making doors for cabinets and other woodworking projects.The Basics:• Choose a method of construction: Frame-and-panel doors are the most common option. • Not all doors must be seen:
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  • Where Door Meets DoorWhere Door Meets Door

    by Steve Latta

    Dealing with double doors -- lipped, unlipped, astragal, and beads. Installing double-ball catches, wooden stops, flush bolts and elbow catches, and bullet catches.From ...

  • Arched Top Cabinet DoorsArched Top Cabinet Doors

    by Bill Ewing

    Bill Ewing developed a quick way to cut arched doors, using an adjustable jig that allows him to cut raised-panel doors of almost any size. He says it’s best to ...

  • Three Ways to Make Cabinet DoorsThree Ways to Make Cabinet Doors

    by Steve Latta

    Three types of doors will solve most needs: doors for fine furniture, doors with glass panels, and low-budget quickie doors. Steve Latta shows how to make all of ...

  • Build a Houseful of DoorsBuild a Houseful of Doors

    by John Lively

    John Lively of Fine Woodworking explains how to make and hang a door in a weekend or two. He also tells how to build a door to fit exactly into an existing opening. ...

  • Coopering a DoorCoopering a Door

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack explains what coopering is and how to achieve predictable results with a minimum of effort. He uses a pattern to figure the number of staves, their ...

  • Hanging Butt Hinges, UnconventionallyHanging Butt Hinges, Unconventionally

    by Stephen Lamont

    Practical or aesthetic considerations sometimes lead to different approaches to installing hinges, writes craftsman Stephen Lamont. Here, he explains how to put ...

  • Making Full-Sized DoorsMaking Full-Sized Doors

    by Joseph Beals

    Joseph Beals used mortise-and-tenon joinery to make doors for his own home because he could cut the joints in a number of ways that didn’t require expensive tools ...

  • How to Hang a Cabinet DoorHow to Hang a Cabinet Door

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Regardless of the type of hinge you select, Philip C. Lowe says, all hinges depend on careful installation for smooth operation. He starts with a list of questions ...

  • Glazing Cabinet DoorsGlazing Cabinet Doors

    by Tony Konovaloff

    Tony Konovaloff uses deep rabbets and beveled strips of wood to hold glass in a display cabinet. He says it’s simple and practical and it looks good whether the ...

  • Keeping Doors ClosedKeeping Doors Closed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort talks about appropriate catches for various types of cabinet doors and advises that you pick one that’s in keeping with the period, style, ...

  • Doors Make the DifferenceDoors Make the Difference

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Doors are the most obvious feature of many wall cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and freestanding cabinets. By changing the style of the door, you can subtly or significantly ...

  • Hanging a Cabinet DoorHanging a Cabinet Door

    by Roger Holmes

    You can hang a door with anything from interlocking clenched nails to plastic inserts, but Roger Holmes prefers solid, extruded brass butt hinges for their nice ...

  • Entry DoorsEntry Doors

    by Ben Davies

    Exterior doors are required to perform three functions: seal off an opening from the exterior air, open to allow passage and then reseal, and be attractive. In ...

  • Mounting Knife Hinges in Curved DoorsVideo: Mounting Knife Hinges in Curved Doors

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to mortise and mount tricky knife hinges into a curved cabinet

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