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There are a number of design and construction options to consider when making doors for cabinets and other woodworking projects.The Basics:• Choose a method of construction: Frame-and-panel doors are the most common option. • Not all doors must be seen:
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  • Offset Rabbets Make Double Doors StrongerQ & A: Offset Rabbets Make Double Doors Stronger

    by Andy Rae

  • Frame-and-Panel Door ConstructionQ & A: Frame-and-Panel Door Construction

    by Matt Kenney

  • Designing a Frame and PanelVideo: Designing a Frame and Panel

    with Graham Blackburn

    See the variety of options for panel size and design in this excerpt from the DVD 'Frame and Panel Construction'

  • Curved Dividers for Glass DoorsCurved Dividers for Glass Doors

    by Richard Oedel

    The graceful and elegant curved muntins used on Federal furniture take time to make. But when executed well, they can transform a piece. Richard Oedel has devised ...

  • Strong Shutter JointsQ & A: Strong Shutter Joints

    by John White

  • Dress Up a Frame-and-Panel DoorVideo: Dress Up a Frame-and-Panel Door

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Add a decorative bead-and-quark molding for a traditional look

  • Quick and Sturdy DoorVideo: Quick and Sturdy Door

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Build a frame-and-panel door with basic power tools

  • Open a Flush Door without a HandleVideo: Open a Flush Door without a Handle

    with Christian Becksvoort

    The door fits perfectly, now how do I get it out?

  • Door EssentialsDoor Essentials

    by Andy Rae

    Sort out design, construction, and hardware options when building doors for furniture

  • Choosing Door HingesChoosing Door Hinges

    by Robert J. Settich

    Hinges do more than hold doors; they can enhance or detract from the hours of workmanship you've put into building a piece of fine furniture. The right set of hinges ...

  • Install Inset Doors With EaseInstall Inset Doors With Ease

    by J. Speetjens

    Having hung hundreds of inset cabinet doors in his career, J. Speetjens has taken the guesswork out of fitting them into the openings. His method works for most ...

  • Sliding Doors for FurnitureSliding Doors for Furniture

    by Seth Janofsky

    Seth Janofsky loves the look and convenience of sliding doors in the furniture he designs. A well-made sliding door is almost effortless to open, can be lifted ...

  • Graceful Glass DoorsGraceful Glass Doors

    by Steve Latta

    It takes precise machine and hand work to create the elegant glass doors in this bookcase by woodworker Steve Latta, but the results are worth it. The joinery of ...

  • Frame-and-Panel DoorsFrame-and-Panel Doors

    by Lonnie Bird

    Detailed directions in this article guide furniture makers through the sometimes tricky process of building frame-and-panel doors. The author shows how to set up ...

  • Smooth TamboursSmooth Tambours

    by Mike Weiss

    Mike Weiss explains how to rip tambour slats with minimal kerf loss and without interrupting the wood grain. He advises creating a drawing of the project first ...

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