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Choosing a Finish

  • All About WaxAll About Wax

    by Peter Gedrys

    Though most commonly used as the final, protective coating on top of another type of finish, wax has a multitude of other uses. It can be used on its own to serve ...

  • Edible Wood FinishesVideo: Edible Wood Finishes

    with Marc Spagnuolo

    Discover three safe and sound methods for finishing a cutting board and other food-related woodwork

  • A Gym-Floor Finish in the KitchenQ & A: A Gym-Floor Finish in the Kitchen

    by Chris A. Minick

  • An Antique Finish for Tiger MapleAn Antique Finish for Tiger Maple

    by Lonnie Bird

    Lonnie Bird shares the secret for re-creating the distinctive stripes, three-dimensional depth, and rich amber color of an antique tiger maple finish. Bird's method ...

  • The Impact of Light on Dyes and StainsThe Impact of Light on Dyes and Stains

    by Teri Masaschi

    Whatever dye or pigment stain you use, it will fade or change color with exposure to bright light. The solution is not to swear you'll never stain wood again (after ...

  • Waterborne Finishes Come of AgeWaterborne Finishes Come of Age

    by Chris A. Minick

    In the 11 years since consulting editor Chris A. Minick last tested waterborne finishes, these products have improved significantly. And that's good news, because ...

  • A Finish For Oily WoodsQ & A: A Finish For Oily Woods

    by Chris A. Minick

  • Food-Safe FinishesFood-Safe Finishes

    by Jonathan Binzen

    A summary of non-toxic finishing products ideal for cutting boards, salad bowls, and other food-centric woodwork

  • A Nonyellowing Finish for MapleQ & A: A Nonyellowing Finish for Maple

    by Jeff Jewitt

  • Oil Finish Can Go Wrong on WalnutQ & A: Oil Finish Can Go Wrong on Walnut

    by Jeff Jewitt

  • The Clearest of FinishesThe Clearest of Finishes

    by Peter Gedrys

    Sometimes it's important for a clear coat of finish to be completely clear, without the yellow or amber cast of most "clear" finishes. Finishing expert Peter Gedrys ...

  • All About Choosing a FinishAll About Choosing a Finish

    by William Duckworth

  • Wipe-On Finish TestWipe-On Finish Test

    by Chris A. Minick

    Consulting editor Chris Minick put 17 wipe-on finishes to the test and discovered that the best performers weren't necessarily the most expensive. His study included ...

  • Pros and Cons of Oil FinishesPros and Cons of Oil Finishes

    by Chris A. Minick

    Consulting editor Chris A. Minick explains the chemistry of boiled linseed oil, tung oil, and walnut oil, helping you to select the one that's right for your project. ...

  • Keep Your Finish FreshKeep Your Finish Fresh

    by Andy Charron

    Even when stored unopened in ideal conditions, finishes deteriorate. And a finish that's going bad is not one you want to use on your carefully crafted project. ...

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