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Applying a Finish

Most finishes can be applied to a wood surface using one of three basic techniques: a wiping rag, a brush, or a spray gun.The Basics: • Wiping rag: This is the easiest skill to master. • Brush: Amateurs and professionals find this a good choice. •
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  • Easy Finish Ages a Classic Cherry PieceEasy Finish Ages a Classic Cherry Piece

    by Dan Faia

    Dan Faia's first goal when finishing his porringer-top tea table was to tone down the brightness of the new cherry wood. Cherry’s tendency to blotch can make dyeing ...

  • Mixing and Applying WaxVideo: Mixing and Applying Wax

    with Peter Gedrys

    Mix in dry pigments or artist's oil colors to create colored waxes for decorating or protecting wood surfaces

  • An Exploration in FinishingAn Exploration in Finishing

    by Anissa Kapsales

    A modern take on jin-di-sugi and ebonizing

  • Finishing a DrawerFinishing a Drawer

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Drawers can be problematic when it comes to finishing. Internal corners either get too little finish or too much; the drawer has to transition from the visible ...

  • Caring for BrushesCaring for Brushes

    by David Sorg

    Cleaning brushes is a chore that few people look forward to, but it isn't all that complicated. David Sorg explains what to do even before you use the brush to ...

  • The Impact of Light on Dyes and StainsThe Impact of Light on Dyes and Stains

    by Teri Masaschi

    Whatever dye or pigment stain you use, it will fade or change color with exposure to bright light. The solution is not to swear you'll never stain wood again (after ...

  • Get Top Results with a Foam BrushGet Top Results with a Foam Brush

    by Thomas R. Schrunk

    Foam brushes cost around a dollar, are widely available, and, best of all, do not shed bristles and are discarded after use. They are the implement of choice for ...

  • One Fast FinishOne Fast Finish

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Finishing expert Jeff Jewitt describes this technique as a "down and dirty" French polish. Ideal for a low-build, "in the wood" type of look, this wipe-on finish ...

  • Paint or Colored Lacquer for Furniture?Q & A: Paint or Colored Lacquer for Furniture?

    by Peter Gedrys

  • Color Matching WoodsVideo: Color Matching Woods

    with Mark Schofield

    A finish of dye, shellac, and wax brings a rich, consistent color to three different woods in a Chippendale mirror

  • Finishing Boxes Inside and OutFinishing Boxes Inside and Out

    by Doug Stowe

    Small boxes are deceptively complex pieces of woodworking. All the pieces must fit precisely, with flawless surfaces inside and out. Finish is crucial when a box ...

  • Introduction to Spray FinishingVideo: Introduction to Spray Finishing

    with Michael Dresdner

    This video excerpt from Wood Finishing Basics offers tips on getting started with spray guns

  • A Durable Wipe-On Top CoatVideo: A Durable Wipe-On Top Coat

    with Andy Rae

    Apply this oil/varnish blend on furniture for a smooth and easy-to-maintain finish

  • Removing Drip Marks in VarnishQ & A: Removing Drip Marks in Varnish

    by Peter Gedrys

  • A Classic Walnut FinishA Classic Walnut Finish

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Create an antique and durable finish on walnut with a combination of stains, shellac, and glaze

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