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Applying a Finish

Most finishes can be applied to a wood surface using one of three basic techniques: a wiping rag, a brush, or a spray gun.The Basics: • Wiping rag: This is the easiest skill to master. • Brush: Amateurs and professionals find this a good choice. •
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  • Peter Gedrys: A Clear Finish for MapleVideo: Peter Gedrys: A Clear Finish for Maple

    with Peter Gedrys

    Peter Gedrys shows you how to preserve maple's pale, natural look with a water-based finish

  • Re-creating a Shaker FinishRe-creating a Shaker Finish

    by Linda Coit

    Linda Coit specializes in antique restoration and repair, but she rarely gets the chance to duplicate an entire piece. So when Chris Becksvoort enlisted her shop's ...

  • Finishes For FoodwareFinishes For Foodware

    by Mike Mahoney

    Turner Mike Mahoney has spent a good portion of his career making items intended to hold food. So he's an expert on food-safe finishes, and he's prepared to divulge ...

  • Blotch-Free CherryBlotch-Free Cherry

    by Mark Schofield

    Everybody loves cherry, and what's not to love: It's hard but not heavy, it cuts easily, it has interesting but workable grain, and it ages beautifully. But if ...

  • Finish Recipe: Cricket TableFinish Recipe: Cricket Table

    by Chris Gochnour

    An arts-and-crafts-looking finish, but without the fuming

  • How to Pop the Curl in CherryVideo: How to Pop the Curl in Cherry

    with Mark Schofield

    A fail-safe finishing method, when you want some blotchiness to accentuate the grain

  • Rediscovering Milk PaintRediscovering Milk Paint

    by Nancy R. Hiller

    It's durable and versatile, it comes in a variety of colors, and it contains no toxic ingredients. It's no wonder that milk paint, one of the world's oldest decorative ...

  • Hot-Rod Your VarnishHot-Rod Your Varnish

    by Roland Johnson

    When it comes to finding the perfect wipe-on finish, there's nothing like homemade. At least that's what Roland Johnson discovered when he started searching for ...

  • Sample Boards: No SurprisesSample Boards: No Surprises

    by Teri Masaschi

    One of the secrets to finishing is advance planning, and sample boards are a great way to do this. When you test a finishing sequence on a sample board rather than ...

  • Free Woodworking Plans from Getting Started in WoodworkingFree Woodworking Plans from Getting Started in Woodworking

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Download the measured drawings and plans for all of the projects featured in our special video series

  • A Fast-Drying Wiping VarnishVideo: A Fast-Drying Wiping Varnish

    with Roland Johnson

    As they say at Indy, start your engines. Here's how to mix and apply a durable, fast-drying wiping varnish.

  • Bring Out the Best in MahoganyBring Out the Best in Mahogany

    by Peter Gedrys

    When planning the finish for this mahogany bookcase, Peter Gedrys knew that he had a diamond in the rough. The boards already had beautiful figure and color that ...

  • Finish Recipe: Bow-Front Hall TableFinish Recipe: Bow-Front Hall Table

    by Steven Lash

    Give your project an antique finish in three easy steps

  • Finish Recipe: Oil and WaxFinish Recipe: Oil and Wax

    by Charles Shackleton

    This hand-applied finish requires no specials skills and brings out the beauty in the wood

  • Finish Recipe: A Classic Step StoolFinish Recipe: A Classic Step Stool

    by Tommy MacDonald

    Pop the grain and protect your wood with this easy finish

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