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Most modern glues offer tremendous bond strength. Where they differ is in the details: how much working time (also called open time) they allow before they begin to set, how resistant they are to moisture, how long they take to cure, and how rigid the
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  • Best Glue for Bent LaminationsQ & A: Best Glue for Bent Laminations

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • Gluing up a Bandsawn BoxQ & A: Gluing up a Bandsawn Box

    by Mark Duginske

  • Outdoor Glue for Oily WoodQ & A: Outdoor Glue for Oily Wood

    by Mark Schofield

  • A Crazy Glue ProblemQ & A: A Crazy Glue Problem

    by Peter A. Heinlein

  • Plastic resin glue more versatile than label saysQ & A: Plastic resin glue more versatile than label says

    by Scott Gibson

  • Gluing Cracked WoodVideo: Gluing Cracked Wood

    with Jeff Miller

    Fix small cracks with a spot of glue

  • All About AdhesivesAll About Adhesives

    by Scott Gibson

  • Six Essential GluesSix Essential Glues

    by Scott Gibson

    There is no single type of glue that’s ideal for all woodworking jobs. The many varieties available have different characteristics that make them well suited to ...

  • Traditional Hammer VeneeringTraditional Hammer Veneering

    by Dan Faia

    When it comes to applying veneer, many woodworkers lean toward higher-tech procedures such as veneer presses, vacuum bags, and clamps and cauls. Yet with a relatively ...

  • Uses for Hot-Melt GlueUses for Hot-Melt Glue

    by Mark Schofield

    Prompted by a reader suggestion, Fine Woodworkings Mark Schofield takes on the task of finding uses for hot-melt glue. He found the weak-bonding glue useful in ...

  • A Working Guide to GluesA Working Guide to Glues

    by William Tandy Young

    An in-depth article on glue. William Tandy Young, an adhesives consultant and an author of a book about glue, defines it, distinguishes it from adhesive, delineates ...

  • Sticking with Hide GlueSticking with Hide Glue

    by Nick Engler

    Hide glue has advantages over other adhesives, regardless of its stink and other negative qualities. Once cured, it’s more heat-resistant than other common woodworking ...

  • Gluing with PasteGluing with Paste

    by Keith Davis

    One adhesive that gets scant attention in woodworking circles is flour-based paste. In this short article, Keith Davis says offers a recipe for it and explains ...

  • Polyurethane GluePolyurethane Glue

    by Niall Barrett

    Polyurethane adhesives have some real advantages over epoxy and yellow glue, but they also have some characteristics of their own that require practice to get the ...

  • Glues and GluingGlues and Gluing

    by R. Bruce Hoadley

    Certain basic considerations that may be overlooked or misunderstood are too often the causes of serious gluing problems and are worthy of systematic review. In ...

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