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  • All About SandpaperAll About Sandpaper

    by Teri Masaschi

    Learn how today’s sandpaper is made, and why different types of abrasives work best on different surfaces. Then take a tour of a sandpaper factory. We may never ...

  • Woodworking MaterialsWoodworking Materials

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Online resources for wood, glues, sandpaper, finishes, and more

  • When to Stop Sanding?When to Stop Sanding?

    by Ari Tuckman

    Ever consider that you may be sanding too much? Ari Tuckman has. Like many woodworkers, he dislikes sanding. So he set out to do a semi-scientific study to find ...

  • Sand, Scrape, or Plane?Sand, Scrape, or Plane?

    by Ari Tuckman

    Few woodworkers enjoy the noise and dust of power sanding, but most recognize it as an easy way to get boards uniformly smooth. Others swear by the card scraper, ...

  • Sharpen With SandpaperSharpen With Sandpaper

    by Brent Beach

    How did Brent Beach transform sharpening from a dreaded chore into an easy routine? He switched to high-quality sandpaper as the sharpening medium, along with an ...

  • Choosing SandpaperChoosing Sandpaper

    by Scott Gibson

    The subject of sandpaper grows more complicated each year, as manufacturers offer more and more types of abrasives, backings, and adhesives in a wider variety of ...

  • True GritTrue Grit

    by Mark Schofield

    The world of sandpaper grits is undergoing a quiet revolution, and the grits you've always relied on for each stage of woodworking may no longer be the most appropriate, ...

  • Sanding BasicsSanding Basics

    by David Sorg

    Proper sanding is a crucial part of woodworking, whether the goal is to remove marks left by the planer and jointer, eliminate tiny imperfections after handplaning, ...

  • Favorite Finishing ProductsFavorite Finishing Products

    by Teri Masaschi

    Still using the same finishing product you started with 15 years ago? You may be missing a product that can save time and effort and give a better result. Professional ...

  • Sharpening - A Different ApproachSharpening - A Different Approach

    by William Duckworth

    If you haven't had sharpening success or want to explore a new method, try honing your blade on granite with a water and silicon-carbide slurry. The method is economical ...

  • Steel Wool vs. Abrasive PadsSteel Wool vs. Abrasive Pads

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Jeff Jewitt, a furniture finisher and restorer, does detective work to determine whether steel wool or abrasive pads products work best for the various steps of ...

  • Making Sense of SandpaperMaking Sense of Sandpaper

    by Strother Purdy

    As Strother Purdy of Fine Woodworking learned, you can’t go right buying cheap sandpaper, but it’s still easy to go wrong with the best sandpaper that’s available. ...

  • Sanding in StagesSanding in Stages

    by Gary Straub

    No matter how much time and care go into the making of a piece, its overall beauty is partly determined by how well it has been sanded. No finish can cover up a ...

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