Chris Gochnour

Murray , UT
Chris GochnourChris Gochnour

Chris Gochnour says he learned woodworking through the pages of FWW, as well as many hours in his Utah studio learning from the school of hard knocks. His passion for the craft has evolved from building commissioned furniture in his shop to getting out and sharing his expertise through teaching and writing.

What do you see from your shop window?

“To the west, a 100-year-old restored home that serves as a showroom and to the east, the snow-capped 11,000-ft. Wasatch Mountains.”

Your favorite hand tool?
“I love handsaws and have a rare circa 1870 Disston #12 London Spring with a carved apple handle, steel washers, and domed-brass screws. A rare bird, especially in pristine condition.”

What is the most beautiful place in Utah?
“Sunrise through Mesa Arch overlooking Canyonlands National Park. You have to see it to believe it...a true refuge to the soul.”

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